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Our Story

We believe that every time you combine software engineering with domain expertise you can improve a process or redefine an industry. We continuously ask “How can we make this better?” By using workflow, apps and maps we provide creative and effective solutions to businesses and various levels of government.

Our Vision

We build a great understanding of our client's problem domain before we start building great solutions.
We are the system development partner for our clients - so whatever we design or build, we design and build it like we'll be co-owning it.


User-friendly mobile and web solutions that make a difference. We focus on building fully responsive solutions for our clients. Our apps are utilized in environments where GSM reception cannot be assumed to be ubiquitous. The apps are therefore designed to be tolerant to varying levels of network availability and are able to function in disconnected offline environments.


Mobile & Web Solutions

Contextual Workflows
Mobilizing workforces through smartphone apps


Create contextual workflows to route data and records to multiple destinations. We integrate with your current system to enhance the solution. Mobilizing organization's workforces through smartphone apps.


We focus on building fully responsive solutions for our clients. Our apps are designed to be tolerant to varying levels of network availability. Fully functional when offline.

Responsive Solutions
Location Centric Information Management
Location Centric Information Management

All our systems offer integrated mapping and GIS features. We also integrate with existing GIS services to maximize the spatial richness of information presented to users. Our embedded spatial analysis tools allow system users access to spatial reports and dashboards.

Cambridge Energy Partners
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Our clients

We specialize in

Web Stack

  • Javascript

  • CSS

  • jQuery

  • HTML5

  • Polymer 1&2

  • AngularJS 1&2

  • React.js

  • Typescript

  • Bootstrap

  • RESTful web services/REST API

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services

  • Highcharts.js

  • SignalR

  • Hangfire

  • Openlayers Mapping

  • Gembox

  • Message Broker Frameworks/RabbitMQ

Core Stack

  • Microsoft .NET C#



  • WPF (Desktop)

  • Entity Framework 6

  • Entity Framework Core

  • Npqsql

Mobile Stack

  • Xamarin Forms (Android/IOS/UWP)

  • Xamarin Native Android

  • Xamarin Native IOS

  • Apache Cordova

  • WebRTC​


  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • PostgresSQL

  • Firebase

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • SQLite

  • Elasticsearch

  • GeoserverSQL Server Spatial​

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Tel: 083-611-3940

106 Bouvardia Avenue; Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria